Renting an un-crewed (bareboat) catamaran as opposed to a crewed catamaran, in the Caribbean, is a decision that can create quite a different vacation experience. This might not be obvious at first glance.

What is the Difference in Cost Between a Bareboat and All-Inclusive Sailing Vacations?

The costs to rent a bareboat are pretty consistent, usually around $1,000 dollars a day. On the other hand when you arrange to go on an all-inclusive Caribbean Yacht charter you are spending $2,500 a week per person (plus or minus $500). But this price is all-inclusive meaning it includes all meals and beverages and all cruising fees and taxes.


For a fairly small increase in price, 2 crew are included and the cooking and cleaning duties are left to them.

So, for a fairly small increase in price compared to a bareboat charter, you have crew included and the cooking and cleaning duties are left to them.

The real difference between these two types of sailing vacations that most people appreciate is that on a bareboat you have to do and be everything. You have to purchase the groceries and beverages, prepare the food, and clean up after each meal. On board a bareboat charter you are the chef, and the stew, the captain, the navigator and the deckhand.Although you are in the British Virgin Islands, surrounded by the most stunning scenery in the world, you still have to work. Booking a crewed yacht charter vacation provides a completely different experience – an all inclusive, week-long sailing vacation of a lifetime.

 all inclusive week long sailing vacation of a lifetime.

For a fairly small increase in price compared to a bareboat charter, an all-inclusive charter includes a Captain and Chef and the cooking and cleaning duties are left to them. The chefs prepare 5 star meals tailored to the guest’s preferences and dietary needs.  There are no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch on these luxury yachts, unless of course that’s your favorite meal!

Imagine no Cooking or Cleaning – Caribbea Yacht Charters

British Virgin Islands Caribbean Vacation

Enjoy some of the finest dining available in the British Virgin Islands aboard during your all-inclusive yacht charter.

Imagine no cooking or cleaning, and you don’t even have to leave your floating paradise in the British Virgin Islands. Worried about racking up the bar tab? All the drinks you want are included, as long as you stay safe. On these all-inclusive sailing vacations everything you need is provided while you relax aboard your amazing floating resort. 

Take a look at the sample menus provided on each featured yacht’s page. The crews don’t just feed you, they make each meal an experience to remember. All of the chefs are very experienced and can cater to special dietary needs. The convenience and affordability of having a crew on board during an all-inclusive yacht charter really does change the sailing vacation experience dramatically!

75-80% of our Vacations are Crewed All-inclusive Vacations

Are you an adventure seeker? Try snorkeling, the equipment will be on board. Dive in and you are surrounded by water as blue as the sky with sea turtles greeting you. The crew will know where the places are to find different sea life and take you there!,

Yacht Charter offers the Best of Both Worlds – Both Outdoor and Indoor Space

Planning an all-inclusive sailing vacation? It is more affordable than you think.

Each catamaran offers at least one area indoors for congregating (the salon) and one exterior covered area for lounging and dining. In the aft seating area, you can take in the clear blue sky and water of the British Virgin Islands while you dine on a five star meal prepared by your personal chef. How about dinner and a movie? Imagine being captivated by your favorite movie while listening to the waves around you. Many of our catamarans have pull-down movie screens in the outdoor cockpit lounge to create an unforgettable “sail-in movie” experience for their guests. 

Do you need to recharge? Take refuge in one of the comfortable staterooms. The cabins are quiet, private, and most are outfitted with memory foam mattresses and luxury linens.

All Inclusive Yacht Charters Will Have You Sailing to Your BEST Vacation EVER!

Does your family take a yearly trip to Vail? Maybe you’re considering going to Italy because you believe that a private yacht vacation is more expensive. But for as little as 2,000 dollars per person, you can experience this amazing vacation aboard any of our amazing charter yachts. Consider chartering a yacht in the Caribbean as an option.

Looking for a vacation that is more than just lying on a beach?

If you envision yourself becoming a certified sailor, let us help you expand your knowledge of nautical terms to more than “Ahoy!” and get you sailing. In just one week during one of our sailing vacations you can learn basic sailing terminology, navigation rules, how to trim the sails and so much more, all from your very own captain!

Maybe you would rather just relax and enjoy all the amenities ourluxury boats  have to offer? The fun is endless on yacht charters! You can sun yourself on the forward deck with a cocktail or use the swim platforms that make it easy to take a dip into the surrounding crystal clear waters.

Renting a yacht is the vacation of a lifetime. Enjoy luxury that won’t break the bank.

Are you excited by the idea of Yacht Charters in the British Virgin Islands? – But not sure your Wallet can Float the Trip?


Who Charter’s a Yacht? – A Vacation for Everyone?

Think you’re unable to afford this all-inclusive sailing vacation? It works out much more economically when it’s a group of people sharing the cost rather than a couple. Adult couples pooling their funds as a group can afford bigger, newer and more luxurious yachts. Some of our catamarans can accommodate 8 to 10 guests in 4 and 5 cabins at a cost of around $2-2500 per couple. That is probably less than what it costs to spend a week at an all-inclusive, luxury resort! And…what a fun way to spend time together. Go ahead, get the gang back together and relax, drink, laugh, and be taken care of while you have the time of your lives.

Mid-December through Mid-May attracts mainly adult couples pooling their funds as a group to charter a yacht. Six happy people board and six very happy people depart.

With this vacation of a lifetime being so affordable who wouldn’t want to rent a yacht and sail off into the sunset? All-inclusive yacht charters are the perfect sailing vacations for anyone who wants an amazing vacation and experience that won’t break the bank. Call us today to book your Caribbean yacht charter for a vacation that is like no other you’ve ever experienced!

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