Best for kids - Caribbean crewed yacht charters | iYachtClubFamilies Can Tune IN together during a Caribbean Sailing Vacation

5. Traveling to the Virgin Islands is Easy!

The Virgin Islands are easy to fly to -and the starting point for most BVI crewed yacht charters is usually St. Thomas – a US Virgin Island with an international airport. There are direct flights into St. Thomas from many major cities in the US with a flight time of 4 hours or less. Arriving at the airport, a short taxi ride takes you to the marina where your Caribbean sailing vacation is ready to begin!

4. There are SO MANY Fun things to do in the BVI!

Best family vacations = BVI crewed yacht charters | iYachtClubThere are so many fun things for families to do together during a Caribbean sailing vacation. Check out a typical BVI itinerary and you will find that each day presents a new morning sail, a new anchorage and a new opportunity for family fun. It could be a hike to visit a historic sugar mill ruin, a snorkel excursion over coral reefs in the turquoise waters, a paddle boarding contest, a volley ball game on the beach, a trip to shore to listen to a pirate themed music show, a turn at tubing behind the dinghy… the list goes on. There are just so many opportunities for families to enjoy being together while having a great time during a typical BVI crewed yacht charter.

3. Disconnect and Reconnect

Many parents worry about their kids spending so much of their time staring at their electronic devices or glued to their PlayStation. They notice that they don’t really communicate any more as a family. Also, life with active kids can be pretty over scheduled on a regular basis, and parents juggling work and kid’s extracurricular sports and activities find that there are often few hours left for relaxed family time together

Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters - Sail Delphine | iYachtClubDuring a BVI crewed yacht charter the days unfurl slowly with plenty of unhurried time to be enjoyed at an easy pace. While most charter yachts have wifi available, there is so much sunlight and beauty surrounding the boat, guests often find that they find themselves checking email, or social media less and less as their Caribbean sailing vacation progresses. Also, all of the meals are served at the table where everyone sits down together. The headache of planning and making meals (and cleaning up!) is left to the crew. So families can just enjoy leisurely dining together.

2. Yacht Charters Help Families Create Fun Together

Have fun! Join Delphine for a Caribbean crewed yacht charter like no other! | iYachtClubWithout television as a focal point, the crews on charter yachts are adept at helping families to engage together. An after dinner evening might involve board games, some spirited Pirate Dice or Dominoes around the cockpit table.

Many of the crews are knowledgeable about the solar system and lead stargazing evenings on the trampolines. Some yacht crews play instruments and like to teach their guests to play ukeleles for a fun sing along at night. There are a few catamarans that feature drop-down projection screens in the cockpit for movie night with popcorn and fresh baked cookies.

1. Sharing Adventures And Learning Together Create Strong Family Bonds

Delphine - Fun Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters | iYachtClubFamilies on a BVI crewed yacht charter find themselves exploring all kinds of new experiences. Many of the captains are excellent sailing teachers and allow everyone a chance at the helm, or a turn at the winch. Snorkeling in deep water off the back of the boat can challenge boundaries and create strong bonds of togetherness as the family sets out together to spot turtles and identify reef fish.

For the BEST scuba diving - crewed Caribbean yacht charters | iYachtClubMany families use their Caribbean sailing vacation as an opportunity to become SCUBA certified and really explore the amazing underwater paradise of the BVI. For an introduction to diving there are Discover Scuba courses for non-certified divers offered by all of the dive companies in the BVI. Your crew or yacht broker can recommend a company based on your itinerary.

So many amazing memories are created during a BVI crewed yacht vacation! Time after time, guests tell their crews that their Caribbean sailing vacation was the best family experience they have ever had. Check out some of the guest reviews from our featured yacht pages they really tell the story of this amazing experience. So, don’t book another boring vacation – now is the time to make family together time a priority!

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