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Karizma Catamaran Yacht Charter BVI

Karizma Catamaran Crewed Yacht Charter BVI

I’m Derek Hunsinger. Today, I’d like to give you a video overview of Karizma. Karizma is one of the most popular BVI crewed yacht charters available.

She’s a 53-Cape Royal built in South Africa. She’s available for all-inclusive charters 10 months out of a year, in the middle of October until the middle of August. Karizma sleeps 8 guests in 4 cabins or families of 10 with kids using the additional double bunks in 2 of the guest cabins.

Why Choose Catamaran Karizma

It is an absolutely great choice for families, for large groups of friends. I think there are two things that set Karizma apart from most of the other crewed yacht charter options. One is how spacious she is, and the second is the way she’s equipped. Full of toys and lots of fun things to do.

Salon, Entertainment Area, and Water Toys

Catamaran Karizma Indoor Salon Area with Dolby Sound

Catamaran Karizma Indoor Salon Area with Dolby Sound

Let’s start on the outside salon. Karizma has washing machine and dryer, an outside bar, and a refrigerator, and easily accessible to the guests. But the coolest thing about the picture you’re looking at here, is at night time, a drop-down screen comes down, providing a place to watch movies in the evening. That’s an amazing way to spend a night in the Caribbean.

Karizma’s owner, wanted her outfitted with lots of water toys for kids and lots of outdoor activity equipment for all of her guests. She has fishing rods, suitable for trolling and more water toys you can imagine, including paddleboards, kayaks, noodles, floats,  and toys for kids to have fun with.

There’s even an underwater scooter like James Bond might use on board the Karizma catamaran yacht charter. If it’s a water toy in the Caribbean, Karizma has it.

Catamaran Karizma Salon can Accommodate Up to 10 Persons

Catamaran Karizma Salon can seat up to 10 guests.

Let’s talk for a minute about Karizma’s outdoor salon area. One of the big features is her 10-speaker Dolby surround sound system. It’s available both for the movies at night but also for music during the day. The outdoor salon area easily sits 15 to 20 and gives guests more than enough room to spread out.

Karizma’s bow section is huge and provides ample opportunity for guests to spread to out in sun. Trampolines are big enough for all 10 guests and there’s also bean bag chairs available for guest use.

Where you really start to feel Karizma’s size is when you go inside. The ceilings in Karizma are over 10 feet tall. Compare this with the average catamaran, ceiling height of 6 to 7 feet. Karizma’s indoor salon area is equipped with games, books, a big flat-screen TV, and even musical instruments.

There’s loads of room for guests to lounge when they want to get away from the sun. The indoor salon area also has more Dolby surround sound speakers available for both movie watching, TV watching, and also for music. Karizma also has an indoor eating space, but most of our guests prefer to eat outside in the Caribbean fresh air.

Luxurious Rooms

Caribbean Sailing Vacation Huge Stateroom Karizma

Caribbean Sailing Vacation Huge Stateroom Karizma

Below deck, Karizma has 4  staterooms, each with queen size or double beds. The beds are comfortable and easy to get into, and the bedrooms are big and roomy.

Each one of the Karizma staterooms is equipped with a private head or bathroom, with a separate shower.

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Karizma is available for BVI crewed yacht charters from the middle of October until the middle of August, and she’s an amazing value and a great choice for families who are looking for an amazing Caribbean sailing vacation.

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